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God Calls us to be Christ's loving arms in the world spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through our worship, education, outreach, and ministry. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your faith journey, Saint Anne's welcomes you. 

Retrospection by a Nonagenarian

Voices of Saint Anne's Blog

Retrospection by a Nonagenarian

Carolyn Swiszcz

Thrust! Bang! From water to air. Suddenly, out of the warm and protective fluid bath that has been home for nine months, ejected into the protective custody of a mother who cuddles and sees to all needs (the fortunate ones have a father to augment that care), and exposed for the first time to the feelings of HAPPINESS

This is an article on the lessons learned about living a rich and somewhat spiritual life.

So, having been birthed (a verb freely derived by the writer, from the recent usage of the noun “birther”), and subjected to the prescribed norms of education, studies and growth, one is then expected to go out to the world (which is now appearing seamier, dirtier, smellier, nastier, etc.) and perform! What? When? Why? How? One is also confronted with the feeling of loss of a good bit of that happiness.

With the onset of early maturity, one finds the Arts and Sciences are the most common sources for satisfying the call for happiness. Entertainment in the forms of Sports also enters the list of sources, although, it appears that sports are competing to be classified under arts and sciences. I chose art in the form of an instrumentalist in music for the early years, but with maturation, the sciences won over. The ability to enjoy playing the violin and piano brought untold happiness as did the ability to fly aircraft for the U.S. Air Force during World War II, and the enjoyment to be employed as an engineer, manager and program manager. Exposure to both the arts and sciences is recommended for all.

One learns the concept: Carpe Diem! This might help regain some of the happy feelings, and one forges ahead with the “carpe team” in a heretofore unthought-of scheme, until one trips over an unseen obstacle. Then along comes another concept: Caveat Emptor! Hold on, the “caveat team” jumps in to straighten one out in order to beware of hasty decisions. It turns out that the decision-making process hinges on so many things that boggles the mind. But, this is why we have brains. Early on, hopefully, one acquires the spiritual tools to help in decision-making processes: good/bad, clean/unclean, just/unjust, right/wrong, etc., also, the direction and control of sensuality drives, which extend many ways. These concepts are further tempered by judgmental thoughts in conjunction with morality (e.g., is this the way that the Creator wants us to act?), which all play into the concepts of Happiness, Performance, Carpe Diem, Caveat Emptor, and Decisions.

The Life Book is open, and each person is there to write in it. Given the opportunity, would you swing your hockey stick at the neck of an opposing team member, or, stomp your knee on the twisted leg of a fallen opposing football team member? Having to make split-second decisions abound, however, the answers are all there in the minds of the unequalled brains of human beings.

The choices are yours. Life can be very interesting. And also very miserable. It’s not all on you. Most of the world is enveloped in unbelievably miserable conditions. One is never wrong in confronting some portion of those conditions to make life better for all. 

Ready to jump in?

- Gordon C. Murray